/search/path misses files

I'm listing a folder by using search/path but it misses a number of files. What happens is that two hundred files get uploaded to a folder daily and I list them using /search/path/ and then download and delete the file after downloading. But some files never get into the list and they remain in the folder. There is nothing unusual about these files but the same files get missed every day

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  • New files go into a queuing system. Let's try a filesystem scan of your site and then monitor the situation going forward.


    Please provide your username or site id for SmartFile to do the filesystem scan.

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  • Some of these files are 3 months old. I can see the files using your UI. The site id is satin.smartfile.com and the folder is update. I have deleted the errant files using your UI and will see if the problem reappears.

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  • If the files are now deleted, a filesystem scan won't do much.

    So yeah, let me know if the problem reappears.

    At that point, we may have to look at specific files. If some files are missing in search for you, they are potentially missing for other people as well.

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