Timeout on Operations??

I have been trying to create an application which talks to a third party system and ends up with a series of PDF files on a user's local machine. This program has existed for years and previously sent these files out to clients over email. We recently started to modify this program to allow uploading the files on the local user machine to a folder in SmartFile using the API. Through trial and error, we found that the order of operations was very important to avoid timeouts. We first create the folder we want to upload to, then create a link to that folder and then upload the documents from the local machine. This works great for us to create an email containing that link, but it only seems to work 1 time. After that, we need to wait about 5 minutes before we can upload additional documents. I'm not sure why that would be since in code we always create a new instance of BaseClient for every operation (mkdir,link and data)

The error is always a timeout. If we wait a few minutes, we can upload just fine. I'm assuming that there is a limit in place for a user account to not allow multiple uploads within a given window of time. Is this true and how can we get around it?

I had gotten my copy of the API code for C# off of GitHub. It looks like that code has not been updated for a few years. Is there a newer location I should be getting updates from? I saw a different thread someone mentioned that the http multipart method left a file stream open and I found that issue in my copy pulled from GitHub, but even after adding a call to close that stream it did not fix my overall issue, but it did fix an issue preventing me from deleting the local files after operations completed.



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