Need a Developer asap for a project to be completed within next 10 days...

Hi there,

Our company is implementing the SmartFile solution for our launch on 10/13 so time is of the essence.  Here is the background:

We are a directory website inside the Tax Niche.  Our Tax Pros (CPA's, Accountants, etc) want to be able to have clients send them documents securely and easily and our Tax Pros want to send secure docs back.  There are times when the Tax Pro wants to charge their fee's before the client can see file (the prepared Tax Docs).  We really like the off the shelf Web App Smart File provides and it does exactly what we need except for the fact that we want Smartfile to be able to pass us a couple of bits of information so that we can create an invoice for the client and then have the file link be the thank you page.  

We planned on having our CPA's create a new account inside the Web APP but if we do go down the API path, then we can pass some information over from our site to auto create users.  

If we had the look and feel of the web app along with another button inside the Share feature (beside the create link, Email, Twitter options) then it would be perfect for us.  Upon clicking this new button (we think a "$" sign for the icon would look nice) as the pic attached explains, we would have these fields for our CPA to fill out:

- Tax Payers Name

- Tax Payers Email

- Password for File (Optional) [Disregard the text in the pic attached]

-  Amount You want to Charge

- Note (Optional)

[Also, in the pic, we have a field for the CPA's email because we originally thought we could modify the web app and not have to use the API but since we are using the API, we can send that info across I'm assuming]

If they choose a PW, then we would want the file to be PW protected utilizing Smartfile's system they have in place.  All of this information would be pushed to a HTTP post.

That's what we want to get done by the 13th.  For Phase 1, the HTTP post would just fire an email with this data off and then we would manually create the invoice.  If there is an easier/better way to do this, we're all ears.

For Phase 2 (which we would start on right away), we want to have an automated Invoicing System that links into our account and we are viewing that as a seperate project.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not a programmer so some of this may need to be explained further over the phone with my 2 founders. I'm also not sure of any ground rules on this forum or if I can give out my gmail addy directly to take any conversations offline so someone please let me know how to best proceed so I don't break any social norms here.  

Thanks so much everyone for reading all of this!




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