Determining download counts on files and links

Hi there,

I am trying to establish a method of determining how many times a file
has been downloaded. We issue bespoke links to customers, and we also have
an external program that accesses a directory containing multiple files.

We need to:

- Determine how many times any given public link has been downloaded
- Determine how many times any file within a directory has been downloaded

Doing some testing, I have not seen the usage_count counter (as
described on ever go to a non-zero

Please can you confirm the current status of this API feature.. is it
supposed to work? Is there a delay on it? Do you have any more information
that might be of help to achieve our objectives?


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  • usage_count is not currently keeping a count of the number of downloads. The api will still allow usage_limit to be set but it is not currently enforced. usage_limit is not shown in the UI.

    I found a ticket for this issue. The best suggestion I can give you to get it raised up in the queue is to report it at

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