ReST API File List Not Reflecting Web

I have what's hopefully a quick question.

At times I need to move files from folder to folder. I do that using the browser. I then use a custom application that gets a file list using the ReST API.

Sometimes it takes a long time for the file(s) to show up in the API file list even though I can see the files in the correct folder when browsing the "SmartFile" site.  This time it's even longer, I moved files from one folder to another last night and those files are still not showing up this morning.  I know my code is good, since it has been working just fine for months now and hasn't changed.

Is there some sort of caching or message queuing going on when it comes to using the API, and if there is, is there a way to refresh without caching?



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  • Ok, I think I figured it out. 

    When doing a "search/path", I was tacking on the name of the directory at the and of the path i.e. "<documentfolder>" 

    I tried using the "locations" parameter instead to search like:


    and that seems to work.

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  • So the other interesting thing:
    When I moved a file while logged in as myself (through the web browser), I can see the file right away in that directory if I search the API using my personal ID.  When I use the API logging in as a different (service) account, the file won't show up in the search list for a while (this time it was about 25 or 30 minutes).  It's as if it needs to propagate or something.

    Can anyone tell me if this is normal?


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